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Carbon offset project of the month: From cow dung to biogas in Karnataka, India

This myclimate carbon offset project in northern India builds biogas plants as a clean and sustainable source of energy for homes.

To mark its 10th anniversary, myclimate decided to begin highlighting a "Project of the Month". Last month this honour went to "Energy-efficient cable cars in Medellin, Colombia"; this month we look at the "From cow dung to biogas in Karnataka, India" project.

The primary goal of this programme is to build biogas plants as a clean and sustainable energy source for households throughout India. Biogas generated from cow dung will replace the fuels currently being used, such as firewood, kerosene and LPG.

As well as reducing deforestation and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, building biogas plants also helps improve the quality of life of the local population. Not only does it reduce the burden on women and children by eliminating the need to collect wood, it also improves health by enhancing the air quality inside people’s homes.

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