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Cause We Care – Customers and Suppliers Promote Climate Protection and Sustainability in Swiss Tourism

The new myclimate initiative “Cause We Care” was introduced in November. “Cause We Care” is a voluntary, customer based and company based programme for climate protection and sustainability in Swiss tourism. “Cause We Care” achieves double effect by means of a simple mechanism: Customers take responsibility for their climate damaging emissions and at the same time, trigger local sustainability measures directly with their supplier.

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The new myclimate initiative “Cause We Care” was introduced with its partners in Zurich in November.

myclimate’s “Cause We Care” is already official at Swiss Youth Hostels, Reka-Ferien, the Niesenbahn, Saastal Bergbahnen AG, Berg und Tal, Rotauf and Wildout Nature Experiences. In the coming months, the programme will be rolled out more widely in the Swiss tourism sector, at other accommodation companies, mountain railways, tour operators, destinations and tourist service providers.

“Cause We Care” was developed from a partnership between myclimate and Swiss Youth Hostels that has been in place since 2007. In ten years, this successful model has secured almost a million francs for local and global climate protection. The target group of the now national, broadly supported programme is all institutions in the tourist service chain.

How does myclimate’s “Cause We Care” work?

The basic principle of the initiative is simple: “Cause We Care” companies offer their customers or their guests the opportunity to voluntarily invest a small amount in climate protection and sustainability when booking a service or purchasing a product. This additional amount is about one percent of the transaction total. This contribution makes climate protection possible, both on an effective global scale and in a tangible local way. The climate damaging emissions associated with the product are offset by high-quality myclimate climate protection projects. The product or service is thus climate neutral.

The special feature of myclimate’s “Cause We Care” is that at the same time, the company using the programme doubles the contribution by depositing the same amount in a special purpose fund. Together with the remaining customer contributions, the fund will provide climate protection and sustainability measures on site, such as the construction of a solar system for clean energy generation, the construction of a free ebike station for guests, or internal sustainability training for employees. As part of the programme, customers assume responsibility for their carbon footprint and simultaneously initiate local change. The uses of the fund and the effectiveness of the local projects are verified by myclimate.

“Customers want sustainable tourism options that are credible, effective and easy to book. We are therefore convinced that “Cause We Care” makes a real difference and contributes in the long term to sustainable and climate conscious Swiss tourism”, says René Estermann, Managing Director of myclimate.

A Network for Climate Protection and Sustainability in Switzerland

In principle, the “Cause We Care” mechanism works on a standalone basis for individual companies. It is in the coalition aimed for by the initiative and in the networking of all “Cause We Care” suppliers that the real potential is to be found. This networking takes place via the website and targeted communication measures. Customers receive both physical and sustainable value.

In the future, the platform will also offer an accompanying awareness and communication campaign. This will give suggestions on how sustainable mountain tourism and outdoor sports are possible and why they’re important. The campaign will not be based on negative scenarios. Instead, it will show simple and enjoyable ways to enjoy nature in a sustainable way.

Via the platform, participating companies also have the opportunity to present sustainable offers to existing “Cause We Care” customers.

Already involved in the initiative:
Andermatt, Heidiland, Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair
Service providers:Berg+Tal, Niesenbahn, Reka-Ferien, Rotauf, Saastal Bergbahnen, Swiss Youth Hostels, Switzerland Explorer, Tamina Therme, Pizolbahnen, Wildout Naturerlebnisse
Partners:hotelleriesuisse, Schweiz Tourismus, Schweizer Tourismus-Verband, Seilbahnen Schweiz, ZHAW;
Technology partners:Peaksolution, TOMAS®

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