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Energyducation: Further Education for Vocational School Teaching Staff

The first international vocational training project of myclimate – Energyducation – motivates young people in vocational training to design their own innovative business models. myclimate is offering further education at the end of 2020 for vocational school teaching staff.

A team of learners in Usurbil, Spain, are shooting a video for their business idea. Photo: Imanol Gabellanes

Innovation – a buzzword for an economy oriented towards sustainability. To promote this innovative spirit in young professionals in construction and electrical professions, and to simplify the path from a brilliant idea to a successful company, myclimate developed the Energyducation project together with corresponding training material. 

In a pilot project, 90 learners and students in five schools from Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland took up our “Energyducation Competition” challenge. They presented and discussed their ideas in an online exchange with learners and students from other countries and professions. From an air battery up to completely rethinking the energy supply, they developed many interesting measures. The proud winners are allowed to take part in a study trip to Germany in the autumn.


Register for further education!

Do you teach in vocational education, and would you like to help your learners or students acquire sustainable business skills? You have the opportunity to get a closer look at the training material in a half-day workshop at the end of the year as part of further education for teachers. The training material will accompany the young people with visual methods from the initial idea up to an innovative, effective business model. If you are interested, please send us your name, school or company and your contact e-mail without obligation to myclimate.


Sponsors: Energyducation is supported by Movetia, ERASMUS+ and the following partner schools: Polybau Uzwil, htfm in Grenchen, Alfa-College in Groningen NE, CIFP Usurbil LHII in Usurbil ES, Hans-Böckler Berufskolleg in Münster DE

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