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hereandhappy – Sustainable Ideas for Travelling in Switzerland

Like many others in the first lockdown, the myclimate education team was forced to rethink things in a creative way. In summer of 2020, out of the existing educational project Shape Your Trip, designed to inspire young adults to take sustainable trips abroad, hereandhappy was born. This photo competition called for participants to share highlights from their travel in Switzerland on social media. Now the idea is being developed further.

One of the winning photos from myclimate’s #hereandhappy competition. Photo: Yara Mazenauer

Last year, Swiss travellers swapped New York, the Maldives and the Taj Mahal for Solothurn, Klöntalersee and Château de Chillon. Many young people also used travel restrictions as an opportunity to get to know Switzerland better and took pleasure in exploring the country. myclimate tapped into this spirit last summer and rolled out the photo competition #hereandhappy without further ado. Creative young travellers captured many humorous and impressive moments, like Yara in the photo who, having missed her exchange trip graduation ball in the USA, had great fun bringing the event to the Swiss Alps instead. Take a look at the #hereandhappy hashtag on Instagram; you won’t regret it.

Workshops Offering the Chance to Realise Swiss Travel Ideas
This year, in the course of hereandhappy workshops, whole classes of schoolchildren will have the opportunity to develop Swiss travel ideas, with the most innovative and climate friendly getting a chance to become reality.

Ten classes of schoolchildren from vocational colleges and grammar schools in German-speaking Switzerland will have the opportunity to develop creative offers for travel experiences in Switzerland. These detailed workshops will encourage the pupils to think innovatively, while also opening up new perspectives on Switzerland as a travel destination. The objective is to create novel, attractive activities, accommodation opportunities, mobility and catering offers, which will make holidays for young children and young adults in Switzerland even more appealing. Particularly well-thought-out ideas have the chance to be realised by “bleib hier” (“stay here”), a project from the Swiss Touring Club’s (TCS) Mobility Academy.

Who is Behind the Workshops?
The workshops have been developed by myclimate in cooperation with the “bleib hier” project team from the TCS Mobility Academy, with financial support from EnergieSchweiz within the framework of the Coordination Office for Sustainable Mobility (KOMO). The motto of the project “bleib hier” – lighter, more leisurely, more local travel – has been adopted by the hereandhappy workshops and made accessible to the younger target group. 

A View to the Future: Revival of Shape Your Trip for Sustainable Travel after Covid
When things start to pick up again after Covid, international travel will become a current issue once more, along with the question: “How can you discover the world while behaving in the most climate-friendly way possible?” myclimate will once again address this important question as part of the Shape Your Trip workshops and travel competition from autumn 2021. Come back in the autumn and take a look!

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