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myclimate certifies first CO₂-neutral housing development in Switzerland

Embrach (Canton Zurich) is home to a structure that is breaking new ground in many respects. With its optimised design and efficient energy generation, the new structure is also climate-neutral.

The area surrounding the potter’s workshop in Embrach is home to a structure that is breaking new ground in many respects. The "Blickpunkt Töpferei Embrach" project by Odinga und Hagen AG aims to achieve that delicate balance between environment, mobility, individuality and community. Optimised design, efficient energy generation and an innovative mobility concept are among its most convincing features. Buyers will benefit from an end-to-end e-mobility infrastructure including charging stations and parking, and will have access to e-cars and e-bikes.

Odinga und Hagen AG has already put measures in place to deal with the CO₂ emissions produced as a result of the construction, usage and mobility induced by the building throughout its lifespan. Emissions will be calculated in line with the SIA 2040 standard and then offset in a myclimate climate protection project. This makes the new structure of 75 owner-occupied flats Switzerland’s first ever climate-neutral housing development.

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