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myclimate Comments on Climate Protection Efforts by the Swiss Federal Council

On 21 May, the Swiss Federal Council laid out a new direction for post-2020 Swiss climate policy. myclimate expressly welcomes the Federal Council’s intent to focus on the 2-degree target.

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myclimate Comments on Climate Protection Efforts

Unfortunately, the Federal Council has failed to take the subsequent and necessary step of increasing Switzerland’s 2020 reduction target to minus 30% or minus 40%. Waiting for better times after 2020 is not a solution. This makes it all the more important to highlight the fact that more climate protection, at national and especially at international level, is absolutely essential, possible, and even profitable for Switzerland.

For myclimate, a climate-neutral Switzerland is not a utopia. To this end we have produced a list of concrete measures. Our complete response is available (in German only) at the following link.

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