myclimate and TourCert Cooperation for Sustainable Accommodations

Responsible tourism is a global challenge. The quality leader in the field of CSR certifications TourCert certifies sustainability and corporate responsibility in tourism and now teams up with myclimate in the field of sustainable accommodations.

myclimate und TourCert kooperieren im Bereich Unterkünfte

Stefan Baumeister (myclimate) & Marco Giraldo (TourCert)

Accommodation providers so have access to a global choice of instruments for their quest for sustainable management.

myclimate here provides a web-based solution for calculating the greenhouse gas emissions.  Customers will receive as result a report, which shows  the total greenhouse gas emissions and also the emissions per company area. In addition, key indicators such as the amount of CO₂ emissions per guest night are provided. On the basis of this report, potentials for the reduction of CO₂ emissions and cost reductions can be identified. Accommodation providers can offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions via the Gold Standard certified myclimate projects and so become climate neutral.

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