Two years of climate neutral Kyocera toner

Since May 2013 KYOCERA supports the work of myclimate in the Siaya region, Kenya, through the compensation of the in Germany sold KYOCERA toner. In this way nearly 43,000 tonnes of CO₂ where reduced and the living conditions of more than 53,000 people were improved.

Kyocera myclimate PRINT GREEN Toner klimaneutral

For many companies their printing and copying process has an enormous potential to improve their own carbon footprint and protect the environment. This is where the PRINT GREEN program of KYOCERA Document Solutions starts. For the past two years the Japanese document management provider offers its toner through the program climate neutral. KYOCERA compensates all CO₂ emissions arising from raw materials, production, transport, packaging and the recycling of the toner.

Kyocera supports the myclimate Gold Standard project Efficient stoves for Kenya. This project aims to install 41,700 efficient cookers. Most households in the region burn wood very inefficient for cooking. So not only spend women and children several hours a day to collect the necessary wood – also the high soot production inhouse is a significant health problem for these people.

We say: Keep it up! & Congratulations to two successful years!

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