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Water Saving Kits Protect The Climate – New Climate Protection Programme in Switzerland

myclimate has developed another Switzerland-wide climate protection programme. It enables the spread of water economisers on a large scale.

The programme Water Saving Kids Protect The Climate has been approved by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and targets property owners (with ten households or more), hotels, businesses, sport organisations, and schools that use fossil-fuelled energy sources for water heating (oil, gas).

Water economisers save energy and water, which provides an effective contribution to climate protection. The economisers can be installed on water taps or shower heads. According to the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, a household with four people can save up to 290 francs in energy costs per year by installing a water economiser. Despite these facts, water economisers are still not installed in all buildings due to initial costs and fear of reduced comfort levels or technical problems. myclimate gives programme participants the latest generation of economisers free of charge. In return, participants agree to install the economisers (generally done by maintenance staff) and to participate in a two-year random inspection monitoring programme. The end users benefit from reduced energy costs and gain valuable experience in the area of water conservation.

myclimate has been developing high-quality climate protection projects in Switzerland since 2007, making it a well-experienced pioneer in this area. The water conservation programme is now the seventh Swiss project serving both voluntary and compulsory CO₂ markets.

Participation in the programme

The programme will be open to all interested institutions until the end of 2018. Eligibility requirements and further information can be found on the programme homepage:

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