Daily updates from the climate conference in Cancun, Mexico


Yuri Okubo - myclimate-staff on site – will feed us with daily highlights from the confernce on myclimate-Facebook. 

The conference takes place from monday, November 29th until friday, December 10th.

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myclimate carbon offset project in southeast Vietnam


Daklak Tapioca Factory produces about 12,000 tonnes of tapioca starch products. The production process results in large quantities of wastewater with a high content of organic substances and the energy required has been generated by burning coal....

myclimate offset payments enable construction of hydropower plant in Vietnam


Replacing coal, gas or diesel plants with a mini hydropower plant reduces CO2 emissions. This project promotes renewable energy in a country where economic development will increase energy demand. This climate protection project in central Vietnam...

New myclimate carbon offset project in Kenya


Locally produced efficient stoves reduce wood consumption in Kenya and help to preserve the unique vegetation and biodiversity of Kakamega rainforest. The stoves have a cleaner burning process and thus decrease indoor air pollution and associated...

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