First YES course under the patronage of myclimate


Young people fighting for the protection of our climate, part 1: For the very first time, myclimate has been able to set up a YES course. 23 participants enjoyed an exciting programme in Kenya.

Biodigesters for Haiti – we need your help!


A fantastic new carbon offset project is waiting to be implemented. Indian expertise combined with advice from myclimate are set to help Haiti to take a step forward. But it will only work with your help.

Reality check: a new project film from Uganda


Moving images say more than a thousand words. Enjoy impressions from the fascinating East African country of Uganda and learn more about our safe water project there!

Climate protection and local engagement instead of costly celebrations


One of the famoust establishments in St. Moritz, the Carlton Hotel, is celebrating its 100th birthday. It is doing so, however, not with great pomp and circumstance but with good ideas and strong dedication to both global and local climate protection....

New agency promotes climate protection and energy efficiency in the Swiss economy


On behalf of the federal administration five competent and renowned organisations are joining forces and ensuring greater competition in the area of emissions reduction and energy efficiency in the Swiss economy.

Seven continents, seven talents focussing on climate protection - TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Awards


Young people fighting for the protection of our climate, part 2: Climate ambassadors Sabine and Dario Schwörer awarded seven fascinating personalities from seven continents.

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