Partner portrait BlaBlaCar – smart and CO2-neutral across Germany

2. August 2016

A partnership for climate protection and pioneering mobility of the future was announced on 15 July. BlaBlaCar - with over 30 million members the world's largest ride sharing platform for long-distance journeys - is the first major mobility provider to automatically integrate climate compensation in Germany. All journeys booked and paid online at BlaBlaCar be fully compensated with myclimate. Olivier Bremer, CEO of BlaBlaCar Germany explains why BlaBlaCar has decided to take this step.

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Olivier Bremer, CEO of BlaBlaCar Germany

What is the recipe for BlaBlaCar’s success?

BlaBlaCar has reinterpreted the concept of ride sharing, which has been known in Germany for many years, for the digital age and has established it as a means of transport for long-distance travel. With our platform we are creating the basis for efficient peer-to-peer mobility. Each quarter, 10 million travellers worldwide organise their trips and rides via our platform and thus have access to unique mobility: innovative, cost-effective, social and sustainable.

Why has BlaBlaCar opted for the integrated climate protection?

As a platform that aims to play a decisive role in the future of mobility - in particular motorised private transport- we want to take responsibility and set standards. That is why we have decided to not only offer optional CO2 compensation for each occupant, but to adopt it as standard. With an average of 2.8 people, the cars in the BlaBlaCar community are already used more efficiently than the European average of 1.7 people. The automatic compensation of the remaining CO2 emissions of the occupants at is a logical next step for us.
Long-distance car trips and environmental awareness - does that fit together at all?
The car is still the most popular means of transport for long distances in private transport and solutions for reducing the resulting CO2 emissions are being desperately sought. It is our goal that no cars travelling on German motorways should have just one occupant. A ride in the car with four occupants even means lower CO2 emissions per person than in an average passenger train. We are now making travel CO2-neutral for the occupants and with myclimate are actively supporting global climate protection.

How do you see BlaBlaCar’s positioning among all mobility solutions?

BlaBlaCar is a unique form of travel and scores points over other forms of transport on long distances because of its speed, flexibility, sustainability, affordability and the social experience. Anyone who takes a minute to look inside cars driving on German roads, will notice how many seats are still empty. We are releasing this invisible mobility network and are making it available to millions of people by making ride sharing as reliable and safe as travelling by bus and train. And thanks to the CO2-neutral ride sharing we are now even setting sustainability standards in the mobility sector as a relatively young platform.

Ride sharing is associated with students and young people. What type of people does your offer target?

The days where ride sharing as a niche phenomenon used exclusively by students are over. With our platform we are creating conditions that ensure reliability, security and trust, and a flexible and easy arrangement. We are making ride sharing really attractive for anyone who values modern and meaningful mobility. This includes all those who travel by car every day and have free seats and those who do not own cars and put together their mobility mix individually - age is irrelevant.
When choosing the myclimate project, BlaBlaCar allowed its own community to decide in an open vote. Community members were able to for the project of their choice until 31 July. More than half of the participants chose the project “Back to the Green Island with Solar Stoves”, which now benefits from the booked rides.

More information on CO2-neutral ride sharing with BlaBlaCar

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