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102. Consolidated Accounts - myclimate  
Consolidated Accounts Here you will find the detailed consolidated accounts, the audit reports and further information about the foundation myclimate. Back to the annual reports  
103. Daria & Dave  
Hier geht es zu "Daria & Dave - Vol. 2". Back to the mail Calculate your footprint  
104. GVA  
Donate Offset  
105. Downloads – myclimate  
Downloads Corporate Design Manual myclimate Label Guidelines myclimate Climate Booklet General flyers Product flyer Industry flyer Foundation statutes  
106. Funding for Heat Pumps and Pellet Heating in Switzerland  
Click here to access application form for funding a pellet heating system Fully automatic pellet heaters only (no wood chip or log heaters). If you have any further questions, please contact us…  
107. Carbon Offset Projects in Switzerland  
Carbon Offset Projects in Switzerland A basic distinction is made between mandatory and voluntary offsetting. We apply our rigorous quality criteria and high standards both in the mandatory market…  
108. Support programmes in Switzerland | myclimate  
Support programmes in Switzerland Take part in one of our numerous support programmes as an individual or a business and receive financial support for your contribution to climate protection! How to…  
109. Submit a project idea for carbon offsetting in Switzerland  
Submit a project idea for carbon offsetting in Switzerland The myclimate support for developing carbon offset projects includes the entire project development process from the project idea to…  
110. Today  
One tonne of CO₂ corresponds to the volume of a balloon with a diameter of 9 metres. The average Swiss fills almost 14 of these balloons per year. The CO₂ concentration in the atmosphere rises…  
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