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71. Climate protection project development and evaluation – myclimate  
Project development and evaluation Project evaluation myclimate evaluates project ideas with regard to approval criteria for certification in accordance with Gold Standard, CDM and Plan Vivo,…  
72. Sustainable Development Goals – myclimate  
Blue Forests for Coral Reef Protection Mangrove Restoration and Women Empowerment Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development …  
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74. Support climate education  
Support climate education Position yourself credibly as a progressive company, support specific measures for climate protection and make a contribution to a sustainable future. With your support, we…  
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76. Consolidated Accounts - myclimate  
Consolidated Accounts Here you will find the detailed consolidated accounts, the audit reports and further information about the foundation myclimate. Back to the annual reports  
77. Corporate Carbon Footprint – myclimate  
Corporate Carbon Footprint The idea is to analyse, assess and manage all resulting greenhouse gas emissions. We support your business in calculating and analysing meaningful key indicators. We then…  
78. Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) and Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) – myclimate  
Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) and Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) Typical applications at a glance: Overview of the emissions for individual products and services, and identification of…  
79. Climate Strategies and Performance Management – myclimate  
Climate Strategies and Performance Management myclimate has experience in: Strategic management of CO₂ emissions Identifying and implementing low-cost measures for reduction …  
80. Sustainability Reports – myclimate  
Sustainability Reports We support your business in tracking critical key indicators and producing reports in line with the most relevant standards. Recurring reports are best produced with our…  
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