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131. Annual reports – myclimate  
Annual reports View our consolidated accounts  
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133. Energy and Climate Laboratory Award Celebration 2019  
The Energy and Climate Laboratory, the nationwide myclimate education competition for apprentices, awarded the prizes for the best projects of the year at the University of Applied Sciences in…  
134. International climate protection projects – myclimate  
International climate protection projects International myclimate projects not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also promote social, ecological and economic development in the region…  
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136. Climate protection project development and evaluation – myclimate  
Project development and evaluation Project evaluation myclimate evaluates project ideas with regard to approval criteria for certification in accordance with Gold Standard, CDM and Plan Vivo,…  
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138. Support climate education  
Support climate education Position yourself credibly as a progressive company, support specific measures for climate protection and make a contribution to a sustainable future. With your support, we…  
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140. Consolidated Accounts - myclimate  
Consolidated Accounts Here you will find the detailed consolidated accounts, the audit reports and further information about the foundation myclimate. Back to the annual reports  
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