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171. Calculation principles – myclimate  
Calculation principles myclimate Label Guidelines and calculation principles Learn more about the methods, what underlying data is used and what you have to do to receive the climate-neutral…  
172. Carbon Insetting  
Carbon Insetting – Climate Protection in the Supply Chain myclimate identifies and develops climate protection projects within your value chain – both throughout Switzerland and internationally. In…  
173. Tax write-offs – myclimate  
Tax write-offs myclimate and myclimate Germany are charitable foundations and therefore tax-exempt in Switzerland and Germany. All offsetting payments, donations and membership fees to myclimate are…  
174. Daria & Dave  
Hier geht es zu "Daria & Dave - Vol. 2". Back to the mail Calculate your footprint  
175. Today  
One tonne of CO₂ corresponds to the volume of a balloon with a diameter of 9 metres. The average Swiss fills almost 14 of these balloons per year. The CO₂ concentration in the atmosphere rises…  
176. Daria & Dave - Ein Wintermärchen  
Check out the previous edition of "Daria & Dave" Back to the mail Give Climate Protection as a gift  
177. Past Labs  
Past Labs "Taking Climate Action to the Next Level: Realising the Vision of the Paris Agreement and the SDG Framework." With this goal in mind, 23 students from 16 countries and 15 different areas…  
178. Thanks for contacting us  
CEN Contact Thanks for contacting us  
179. CEN Contact  
Welcome to the Climate Educator Network  
180. Join the movement  
Join the Movement YES Impact Labs aim at lifting real global intelligence to gain fresh ideas which go beyond the conventional wisdom. A high degree of innovation is reached by internationality and…  
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