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181. Partners in climate protection – myclimate  
Partners in climate protection Examples of individual success stories + More Partners  
182. Offer  
CEN Offers Access to materials Plan educational activities in the fields of climate and sustainable development: Interested in offer? Online exchange between classes or groups Learn about…  
183. Patronage committee – myclimate  
Patronage committee  
184. myclimate Representatives – myclimate  
myclimate Deutschland gGmbH Borsigstr. 6 72760 Reutlingen Germany Contact: Stefan Baumeister Phone: +49 7121 317775-0 myclimate Österreich …  
185. Use of funds – myclimate  
Use of funds Measurable climate protection – What does CO₂ offsetting mean? CO₂ offsetting only has an impact when compensation payments are actually directed straight to climate protection…  
186. Calculation principles – myclimate  
Calculation principles myclimate Label Guidelines and calculation principles Learn more about the methods, what underlying data is used and what you have to do to receive the climate-neutral…  
187. Carbon Insetting  
Carbon Insetting – Climate Protection in the Supply Chain myclimate identifies and develops climate protection projects within your value chain – both throughout Switzerland and internationally. In…  
188. Tax write-offs – myclimate  
Tax write-offs myclimate and myclimate Germany are charitable foundations and therefore tax-exempt in Switzerland and Germany. All offsetting payments, donations and membership fees to myclimate are…  
189. Daria & Dave  
Hier geht es zu "Daria & Dave - Vol. 2". Back to the mail Calculate your footprint  
190. Today  
One tonne of CO₂ corresponds to the volume of a balloon with a diameter of 9 metres. The average Swiss fills almost 14 of these balloons per year. The CO₂ concentration in the atmosphere rises…  
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