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191. Experts & Partners  
Experts & Partners YES Faculty A dedicated team of YES partners, experts and facilitators are brought together on a lab by lab basis. In this manner myclimate ensures that the best possible team…  
192. How It Works  
How It Works Making Sustainability Work YES Impact Labs are two week international micro think tanks for the best talents of the young generation. 25-35 open-minded thinkers and providers of…  
193. Past Labs  
Past Labs "Taking Climate Action to the Next Level: Realising the Vision of the Paris Agreement and the SDG Framework." With this goal in mind, 23 students from 16 countries and 15 different areas…  
194. Thanks for contacting us  
CEN Contact Thanks for contacting us  
195. CEN Contact  
Welcome to the Climate Educator Network  
196. Project Ecological Waste Management Creates Jobs  
Ecological Waste Management Creates Jobs The 4.5 million residents of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, burn their trash or dump it illegally in the city because adequate waste disposal is unaffordable.…  
197. Shape Your Trip - Conscious Travel  
Today's travel habits have a large and constantly increasing impact on our climate. Around 18% of the annual carbon footprint of Swiss nationals is attributed to flying. But at the same time, today's…  
198. Project Renaturation of Swiss Upland Moors  
Renaturation of Swiss Upland Moors  
199. Partner Portrait Zürich Tourismus – Ten years climate-neutral organisation  
The climate movement is also clearly visible at Zürich Tourismus: interest in sustainable tourism is greater than ever. myclimate here takes the opportunity of its tenth anniversary as a…  
200. 200128_Anmeldeformular_Hochmoore_7823-DE-aktiv.pdf  
Anmeldeformular Programm für Hochmoor-Renaturierungen in der Schweiz FÖRDERKRITERIEN  Das Hochmoor befindet sich in der Schweiz  Das Hochmoor befindet sich im nationalen, kantonalen oder…  
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