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21. Swiss climate protection projects – myclimate  
Swiss climate protection projects Following the entry into force of the revised CO2 law, a compensation obligation has applied in Switzerland for fuel importers since 2013 and will…  
22. International climate protection projects – myclimate  
International climate protection projects International myclimate projects not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also promote social, ecological and economic development in the region…  
23. Registration for remote heating control  
Registration for remote heating control Criterias of Participation The property has an oil or natural gas heating unit. The property is not let out all the time throughout the winter season. In…  
24. GVA  
Donate Offset Who is myclimate? The international initiative with its Swiss roots, belongs to the global leaders in voluntary quality compensation measures. With projects of the highest quality,…  
25. Raiffeisen-Detail  
Exklusive Climate Workshop The energy hunt in your company - Exclusively for SME clients of Raiffeisen Businesses rarely utilize their full potential in the topic of energy efficiency even though…  
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