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1. Jobs – myclimate  
Jobs Thank you for your interest in a job at myclimate! Currently our team is complete. As soon as we have a new position to fill, we will be happy to post it here.  
2. Jobs for Future”: Career Choice Through the Lens of Sustainability  
…With the “Jobs for Future” initiative, myclimate expands its range of opportunities for education and empowerment. “Jobs for Future” is geared towards young people who are choosing or about to choose their career. The…  
3. Project Jobs for Future  
… einen Beitrag zu den ökologischen und sozialen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit leisten. Im Rahmen der «Jobs for Future»-Lektionen erarbeiten Ihre Schülerinnen und Schüler, wie sie das auch in scheinbar…  
4. Project Ecological Waste Management Creates Jobs  
…Ecological Waste Management Creates Jobs The 4.5 million residents of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, burn their trash or dump it illegally in the city because adequate waste disposal is unaffordable. This climate…  
5. Project Solar Energy for Education and Jobs  
…Solar Energy for Education and Jobs This climate protection programme implements high-tech solar home systems including a GSM modem that deliver a clean, affordable alternative to fossil fuels for low-income households…  
6. Takataka – A Project Turns Nairobi Clean and Green  
… climate. The new myclimate project provides help with an impact and at the same time creates new jobs.  
7. Project Biogas Plants Increase Health of 7500 Families  
… Bengal tigers live in the area, where the project has created more than 1,500 permanent jobs. One of the highest Bengal tiger densities in the world. The dume-shaped plants were developed in Nepal…  
8. New Project of the month  
… power plants, which allow a sustainable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, jobs for the local people were created and the residents of the surrounding villages were actively involved…  
9. Project Hydroelectric Plants Replace Fossil Fuels  
… replaces power from the combustion of fossil fuels. At the same time, the project creates local jobs.  
10. Carbon offset project in Madagascar opens 5th centre  
… the city of Mahajanga in the northwest of the island. As much more people have applied for the new jobs in the centre as can be employeed, 12 young people founded spontaneously an association called…  
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