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11. Project From Waste to Organic Fertiliser  
… standards regarding nutrient content. In addition, the Biocomp plant has created 30 permanent jobs for local people. Based on this success, the up-scaling process has begun. The new project site for…  
12. Project Biogas Plants Increase Health of 7500 Families  
… Bengal tigers live in the area, where the project has created more than 1,500 permanent jobs. One of the highest Bengal tiger densities in the world. The dume-shaped plants were developed in Nepal…  
13. Takataka – A Project Turns Nairobi Clean and Green  
… climate. The new myclimate project provides help with an impact and at the same time creates new jobs.  
14. myclimate-annualreport-2012.pdf  
… harvests and manage their crops more sustainably. Moreover, the first Biocomp plant has created ten jobs for local inhabitants – and supports equal opportunities for men and women by giving hiring priority to…  
15. myclimate-annualreport-2008.pdf  
… to the local population: the time-consuming search for firewood is no longer necessary, hundreds of jobs are created during the planning, construction and maintenance of the plants, and the latrines that are…  
16. myclimate-annualreport-2017.pdf  
… excess of 2 m ­ illion trees, install more than 600,000 ­efficient cookers and create more than 9000 jobs. A total of 5.4 million people are benefiting from these funds. The sum made up of compensation…  
17. Project Wood-Based Biomass Instead of Gas Boiler  
… residues such as sludge from the pulp and paper production  are being promoted, and local jobs are being created.  
18. Project Citrus Farm Replaces Coal with Biomass  
… citrus farm.  Additionally to the reduction of CO₂, the project creates temporary and permanent jobs. A part of the money from the carbon finance will be donated to a worker’s trust, which will support for…  
19. Sustainable Development Goals – myclimate  
… and its impacts Cableway Replaces Diesel Buses in Columbia Ecological Waste Management Creates Jobs in Nairobi, Kenya CO₂ and resource management Energy and Climate Pioneers Ensure sustainable…  
20. Partner Portrait of DER Touristik Suisse – New Name, Same Commitment to Climate Protection  
… Development Goals (SDGs) through a reduced environmental impact and the securing and creation of jobs. Matthias Leisinger speaks about what has been achieved and future plans in an interview with myclimate.  
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