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21. Project Wood-Based Biomass Instead of Gas Boiler  
… residues such as sludge from the pulp and paper production  are being promoted, and local jobs are being created.  
22. Sustainable Development Goals – myclimate  
… and its impacts Cableway Replaces Diesel Buses in Columbia Ecological Waste Management Creates Jobs in Nairobi, Kenya CO₂ and resource management Energy and Climate Pioneers Ensure sustainable…  
23. Partner Portrait of DER Touristik Suisse – New Name, Same Commitment to Climate Protection  
… Development Goals (SDGs) through a reduced environmental impact and the securing and creation of jobs. Matthias Leisinger speaks about what has been achieved and future plans in an interview with myclimate.  
24. Project Biogas from Waste Water Generates Electricity  
… builds up in the ponds to be skimmed off and used as fertiliser on the fields. Moreover, additional jobs have been created and a technology transfer has taken place.  The sustainability of the project is…  
25. myclimate Statement: Is the Paris Agreement on Climate a Historic Milestone?  
… for climate protection, but also means new strong markets, new areas of activity and many new jobs. And what does this mean for Switzerland? Swiss energy supplies are currently still based…  
26. myclimate-annualreport-2007.pdf  
… is creating several hundred company (with support from mycli- CO2 market which are worth striving jobs in connection with collecting and mate) has been planning to install for: recognition by the Clean…  
27. myclimate-annualreport-2006.pdf  
… water and air quality will be improved (thanks to lower dependency on diesel generators) and new jobs will be created. Components for the wind energy plants should be produced locally in the medium term,…  
28. myclimate-annualreport-2016.pdf  
… was established efficient cook stoves have been installed globally in the course of the projects jobs have been created in our projects since 2002 Together into a awesome future! N°1 contact for…  
29. Project Renewable Energy from Sawdust  
… lead to the forming of new human capital – like skills and knowledge – in Honduras and also create new jobs.  
30. Project Composting Avoids Methane Emissions  
… pollution from the tip is reduced, the waste volume is reduced by around 90 percent, and different jobs on-site are created. All parties involved hope that through this model project, which was started in…  
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