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31. International climate protection projects – myclimate  
… For example, the local population benefits from a higher quality of life or health, the creation of jobs, empowerment as well as the transfer of knowledge and technologies. myclimate climate protection…  
32. Project Wood-Based Biomass Instead of Gas Boiler  
… residues such as sludge from the pulp and paper production  are being promoted, and local jobs are being created.  
33. Project Less Smoke Thanks to Efficient Cookers  
… 3: 406,000 beneficiaries profit from better air SDG 7: 77,000 cookstoves distributed SDG 8: 862 jobs generated SDG 15: 200,000 tonnes of wood saved or 1,430 ha of forest saved from deforestation  
34. Project Electricity from Agricultural Waste  
… in the South of India brings both social and ecological advantages: The project creates over 400 jobs in the region. The farms receive an additional income for providing the power plant with their…  
35. Project Cooking with Corn Cobs Instead of Coal  
… from better air SDG 7: 152,000 stoves have been installed in three provinces. SDG 8: 278 jobs have been created. SDG 13: More than 1.5 million tonnes of charcoal have been avoided since the start…  
36. About myclimate – myclimate is your partner for effective climate protection  
… Through its partner organisations myclimate is represented in other countries as well. Contact Jobs Downloads Annual reports Donations information Use of funds  
37. myclimate ticket integrated into flight booking processes  
… the projects demonstrably make a contribution to sustainable development, for example by creating jobs and improving local environmental conditions.Umbrella Organisation AG was founded in 1995 and is, with a…  
38. Drive climate-neutral with Mobility and myclimate  
… was very unreliable above all in rural areas, is improved. On the other hand, the project creates jobs and reduces the migration from the country to the city. Mobility also accepts responsibility and…  
39. Carbon offset project in Madagascar opens 5th centre  
… the city of Mahajanga in the northwest of the island. As much more people have applied for the new jobs in the centre as can be employeed, 12 young people founded spontaneously an association called…  
40. New Project of the month  
… power plants, which allow a sustainable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, jobs for the local people were created and the residents of the surrounding villages were actively involved…  
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