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142. Partners in climate protection – myclimate  
Partners in climate protection Examples of individual success stories + More Partners  
143. Patronage committee – myclimate  
Patronage committee  
144. myclimate Representatives – myclimate  
myclimate Deutschland gGmbH Borsigstr. 6 72760 Reutlingen Germany Contact: Stefan Baumeister Phone: +49 7121 317775-0 myclimate Österreich …  
145. Use of funds – myclimate  
Use of funds Measurable climate protection – What does CO₂ offsetting mean? CO₂ offsetting only has an impact when compensation payments are actually directed straight to climate protection…  
146. Calculation principles – myclimate  
Calculation principles myclimate Label Guidelines and calculation principles Learn more about the methods, what underlying data is used and what you have to do to receive the climate-neutral…  
147. Tax write-offs – myclimate  
Tax write-offs myclimate and myclimate Germany are charitable foundations and therefore tax-exempt in Switzerland and Germany. All offsetting payments, donations and membership fees to myclimate are…  
148. International climate protection projects – myclimate  
International climate protection projects International myclimate projects not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also promote social, ecological and economic development in the region…  
149. Climate protection project development and evaluation – myclimate  
Project development and evaluation Project evaluation myclimate evaluates project ideas with regard to approval criteria for certification in accordance with Gold Standard, CDM and Plan Vivo,…  
150. Sustainable Development Goals – myclimate  
Blue Forests for Coral Reef Protection Mangrove Restoration and Women Empowerment Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development …  
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