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Would you like to cover the topic of sustainability with your class, using travel as a specific example? Are you planning a class trip and do you want to make it more sustainable? Here you can download all the necessary documents for different formats across two different levels, or book a free impulse lesson for your class (in German only).

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Teaching Material


Our new digital learning module on sustainable travel suitable for self-study or classroom teaching, including guidance for successful blended learning, will be available here from August 2021 onwards.



Please note: The provided materials on this page are in ITALIAN only. For the respective material in other languages, please visit our German or French site.

The materials have a modular structure and can be used across two to four lessons. Once the material has been taught, the students can take part in the travel competition individually in their free time or in a classroom setting (see information on the competition in the dossier).

You may use and distribute the teaching materials freely. We would love to receive your feedback and suggestions for improving the materials via the online survey or by email.

Level 1

For students who enjoy discussion. The focus is more on systemic approaches and global consequences. More time is spent in independent group work. Questions are set out in less detail.

Recommended for baccalaureate school (liceo, LIC) and older students (17+) who have already planned trips independently.

Format 1: Viaggi individuali LIC

Format 2: Gita di classe LIC

Level 2

For more activity-oriented students. The focus is more on specific courses of action on individual trips. Group work with more guidance. Questions explained step by step.

Recommended for vocational schools (formazione professionale, FP) or younger pupils (-16), who have not necessarily done any individual travel yet.

Format 1: Viaggi individuali FP

Format 2: Gita di classe FP

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