Migros Support Programme: Photovoltaics on Migros roofs

Project type: Solar

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: On Hold, exclusive

Annual CO₂ reduction: 500 t

The M-climate fund subsidises the installation of photovoltaic systems on roof or facade surfaces of buildings of the Migros Group. With a total of four million Swiss francs, the programme promotes the production by Migros of its own solar energy at its business locations.

With the Energy Strategy 2050, the financial resources for the promotion of photovoltaic systems were increased within the framework of the federal feed-in tariff system. However, new registrations hardly have a chance to receive subsidies, as demand exceeds the available subsidies. The alternative one-off payment programme offers shorter waiting lists and grants photovoltaic plant operators a one-off investment contribution. Despite this subsidy programme, the economic efficiency is in most cases not attractive enough to make the investment.

Therefore, in addition to the one-off payment, members of the Migros Group also receive subsidies from the M-climate fund. These reduce the financial barrier to the construction of a photovoltaic system on suitable properties belonging to the cooperatives. The programme subsidises systems on a roof, facade or car park roof. With the production of renewable solar power on the Migros Group members' own areas, greenhouse gas emissions are avoided that would otherwise arise from the purchase of non-specific mains power.

The future electricity supply needs to become more renewable. The roofs and façades of Migros are often suitable for electricity production with photovoltaic systems and there are already numerous good examples on Migros buildings. The subsidy programme provides an incentive to build additional plants, thereby contributing to the expansion of renewable power supply.

Marcus Dredge, Head of Energy & Building Technology Department, Migros Cooperative Association


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Currently, no plants can be registered for the funding program. New information on whether new applications to the program are possible will be announced from April 2023 onwards.


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