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myclimate sees itself as a partner for effective climate protection, globally and locally. Together with industry partners and private individuals, myclimate wants to shape the future of the world through advisory services and educational programmes, as well as its own projects. It does so in a market-oriented and customer-focused way as a non-profit organisation.

As an international climate protection organisation with Swiss roots, myclimate offers individual industry solutions and climate strategy consulting for business clients from scientific experts. Its customers include large, medium-sized and small companies, public administrations, non-profit organisations, event organisers and private individuals. From its headquarters in Zurich and various locations in Germany and Austria, myclimate supports companies, institutions and private individuals worldwide. 

Its high-quality projects promote quantifiable climate protection and greater sustainability worldwide. myclimate has developed and supported nearly 200 climate protection projects in 46 countries around the world since its foundation in 2002. These have included reducing emissions by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies, implementing local afforestation measures with small farmers and introducing energy-efficient technologies. myclimate climate protection projects meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and, in addition to reducing greenhouse gases, make a demonstrable, positive contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) both locally and regionally.

myclimate encourages everyone to make a contribution to our future through interactive and action-​oriented educational programmes, which have already reached around 74,000 schoolchildren and more than 12,800 apprentices in Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein. In total, more than 200,000 people have benefited from myclimate education projects.

myclimate supports the development and achievement of corporate climate goals with our consultancy and solutions tailored to the needs of organisations in the areas of climate protection and the environment. These include services for compliance with the CSRD Directive and ESG corporate reporting, product-specific carbon footprints (PCF) and life cycle assessments (LCA), company-wide carbon footprints (CCF), target definitions according to various standards, hotspot analyses and action plans, as well as support with their implementation as part of an integrated climate strategy.

Since the foundation was established, the climate protection projects that myclimate has developed and supported have created thousands of jobs, protected biodiversity and improved the general living conditions of hundreds of thousands of people. In recognition of this, the German Federal Environment Agency explicitly highlights myclimate as a provider for voluntary climate protection measures. Several projects were named "Game Changing Climate Lighthouse Activities" by the Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and honoured personally by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon at the UN Climate Change Conferences in Paris and Doha.

myclimate is ISO 9001 certified. The foundation’s financial statements are subject to standard audits by KPMG. SGS verifies the accuracy of the carbon accounting on an annual basis. The Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations monitors myclimate’s claim to non-profit status.

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Senior Consultant Climate Strategy

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Associate Internal Services

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