myclimate wins project competition of the city of Zurich

myclimate is able to implement its winning project “helping to shape climate-friendly Zurich” until 2023 thanks to the City of Zurich “Für Züri” competition in the category of environment and climate. The project is aimed at apprentices and secondary school students and offers them a platform for specific project implementations and problem solutions on the subject of ecological sustainability.

Photo: myclimate

In 2020, the Zürcher Kantonalbank celebrated its 150th anniversary and awarded the Zurich municipalities anniversary dividends with the aim of expediently using the money for the benefit of the community. With the money received, the City of Zurich then launched the competition “Für Züri” and received over 250 project submissions – including a myclimate project – focusing on the topics of “Environment and climate” and “Children and adolescents”. 


Helping to shape a climate-friendly Zurich 

The project submitted by myclimate made it to the selection of winning projects alongside 51 other projects. This gives the myclimate foundation the opportunity to raise awareness of the subject of climate and environment among an important target group – the younger generation soon taking their first steps onto the career ladder – and getting them actively involved. The project “helping to shape a climate-friendly Zurich” would like to appeal to apprentices and secondary school students with two offers.  

  • The “Company Challenges for SMEs” provides apprentices in a Zurich SME with a platform to develop their passion for Zurich and apply it to specific projects. 
  • The “Future workshop for secondary school students” serves as a knowledge lab to develop solutions to genuine and group-specific problems. 

In all, around 180 apprentices and 400 school students will benefit from the project. At the end of the project term there will be a competition for both projects and a little awards ceremony. 

Maxi Grebe, head of department for educational work and member of the Management Board at myclimate, sees major potential in the “helping to shape a climate-friendly Zurich” project, and stresses the importance of getting young people actively involved in this important subject and promoting their self-efficacy in relation to climate protection. 

More information on the status of the project will be publicised on various myclimate channels on an ongoing basis. 


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