myclimate "Cause We Care" awarded the CIPRA Prize

This year, CIPRA Switzerland, an organisation focussing on the protection of the Alps, has awarded myclimate "Cause We Care" with its yearly prize in Bern. The laudatory speech at the award ceremony was given by René Dobler. The deputy managing director of the Swiss Youth Hostels laid the foundation stone for "Cause We Care" with his cooperation with myclimate.

Cipra Award 2019, from left to right: Fabian Weber, HSLU (Jury); René Dobler, Management Board Swiss Youthhostels (Laudator myclimate); Cornelia Rutishauser, myclimate Corporate Partnerships Management «Cause We Care»; Stephen Neff, CEO myclimate. foto@CIPRA Swizerland

The CIPRA main prize is awarded annually to projects, initiatives, companies or institutions from the Swiss mountain region. This year, the prize was awarded in two categories; in addition to myclimate "Cause We Care", the non-profit organisation "Protect Our Winters" also received the award. CIPRA Switzerland is an umbrella organisation that brings together several Alpine and environmental organisations. The annual CIPRA Awards were presented for the fourth time in 2019. The jury is made up of one representative each from the Swiss Tourism Association, the Institute of Tourism Economics at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and the President of CIPRA Switzerland. The prizes were endowed with 2,500 Swiss francs.

The silver bullet in the current climate debate - laudatory speech by René Dobler

René Dobler, Managing Director of the Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism, delivered the laudation at the award ceremony. Eleven years ago, René Dobler, was Deputy Managing Director of the Swiss Youth Hostels, set up a partnership with myclimate as a blueprint for today's "myclimate Cause We Care" programme. Since then, overnight guests at the youth hostels can book their overnight stay with myclimate carbon-neutrally by paying a small surcharge and at the same time initiate sustainability projects at the youth hostels themselves. This offer is accepted by 60% of all guests. Over the years, this mechanism has enabled various measures to be implemented and the company's footprint to be reduced by half.

In his laudation, Dobler outlined the basic idea that was decisive for him: "With Cause we Care', myclimate consistently implements its own clear attitude of 'avoid - reduce - and compensate for the rest'. Compensating is a good thing - but not without the commitment to avoidance and reduction". Dobler continued with a view to the climate debate: "In the very near future, it must become a matter of course that every product, every service has its CO2 footprint determined, declares it and has it included in the price. Cause we Care' creates a preliminary stage of the integrated CO2 tax. I am very pleased that the CIPRA jury was convinced by the idea, it embodies the ideal path in the climate debate for me - companies and customers are working together to transform supply and demand in a climate-friendly way. I wish all those involved a rapid expansion from Cause we Care' to global normality.

"Cause We Care" partner Protect Our Winters also honored

Together with "myclimate Cause We Care", the organisation "Protect Our Winters" received an award. Both organisations had announced a partnership at the beginning of the year. In addition to joint campaigns and awareness-raising campaigns, this partnership also includes jointly developed, tailor-made solutions for operational sustainability at mountain cable car companies and holiday destinations. These also include the integration and addressing of customers and guests. Special action days are planned, among other things, through which snow sports enthusiasts can experience the magic of winter, but also climate change and how it can be mitigated with real life climate protection measures.

myclimate "Cause We Care"

"Cause We Care" participants offer their customers or their guests the opportunity to voluntarily invest a small amount in climate protection and sustainability when booking a service or purchasing a product. Part of this contribution is used to offset the climate-​damaging emissions associated with the product, via high-​quality climate protection projects from the myclimate foundation. The product or service is thereby rendered climate-​neutral. What is special about myclimate "Cause We Care" is that the company or destination in question matches the contribution and pays the same amount into a special-​purpose fund. On-​site climate protection and sustainability measures, for instance the setup of a free e-​bike station for guests or internal sustainability training for employees, are financed both from the fund and with remaining customer contributions. The uses of the fund and the local projects are verified by myclimate.

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