The Spectacle of Electromobility: myclimate as a Partner at the Premiere of the 2018 Zürich E-Prix

The 2018 Julius Bär Zürich E-Prix celebrated its premiere as the largest sporting event in Switzer-land this year. As a sustainability partner, myclimate offered attendees the chance to touch, marvel at and try out climate protection.

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The Zurich E-Prix is the biggest sporting event in Switzerland this year. With myclimate, the event is climate neutral. Image: Zak Mauger/LAT/Formula E

Swiss E-Prix Operations Ltd. and myclimate have concluded a long-term partnership aimed at offsetting the event’s CO2 emissions with myclimate. In coming months, myclimate will develop plans with the event organisers to reduce the emissions noticeably for subsequent events. The Zurich E-Prix is the largest sporting event in Switzerland. myclimate is sustainability partner and offered attendees a chance to experience climate protection over the weekend of the event.

Upon completion, myclimate will calculate the CO2 emissions of the Zürich E-Prix as part of a comprehensive study and will compensate for them with high-quality myclimate climate protection projects. The Zürich E-Prix is labelled a “myclimate climate-neutral event”.

Trying and Experiencing Climate Protection

A major installation by myclimate at Stadthausareal demonstrated the personal carbon footprint of each and every Swiss person. A balloon measuring more than nine metres in diameter symbolised the quantity of a tonne of CO2, the ideal average personal footprint required to stem climate change. As things stand today, the average emissions for a Swiss person are significantly higher, making increased avoidance and reduction of CO2 emissions absolutely essential. Combined with the decision to offset remaining emissions, myclimate shows a way to a climate friendly society.

During the weekend of the event, myclimate also invited visitors to its stand in the Allianz E-Village to have a fun experience involving climate protection. To this end, employees of the my-climate training team developed an open-access activity that enabled adults and children alike to obtain an understanding of electromobility and issues connected with mobility and climate pro-tection in an entertaining way. In the myclimate Selfie Box, numerous visitors made a personal promise to protect the climate and the environment. They were able to take the selfie with them instantly and share it on social media at the event.

The Zürich E-Prix and myclimate

“In myclimate, a non-profit foundation based in Zurich, we’ve found a partner that helps us take responsibility for the climate and the environment above and beyond our own measures,” explained Pascal Derron, CEO and founder of Swiss E-Prix Operations Ltd., in the lead up to the race.

Kai Landwehr, myclimate Press Officer, agreed: “The Zurich race is both a spectacle and a laboratory. Technologies that will play an important role in the future of clean, electric mobility are tested here in a competition of the highest calibre. These technologies can make a major contribution to achieving Swiss climate objectives and international ones as well. A platform like the Formula E in Zurich, which gets tens of thousands of people excited about electromobility and innovation, is a perfect match for myclimate. Our high-quality projects will offset more than just the emissions connected with the event. Together with the event organisers, we will reduce the footprint of the Formula E races in Switzerland from year to year.”

myclimate wishes to thank the partners who contributed to the sustainable gains made by the myclimate stand: Mobility, the Heidiland holiday region, Saastal Bergbahnen, Brunni Bahnen, Hotel Schweizerhof Bern, urbansurf Zürich and myclimate’s beverage partner, Lemonaid.

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