Discovering climate protection opportunities in your company — added value and approaches

There are many ways for companies to implement effective climate protection. The offer is varied, and can be tailored to the needs of the respective company. myclimate has visually realised the path to corporate climate protection in the form of a digital landscape. This landscape can now be explored either via a guided “tour” or independently and interactively.

The journey to greater corporate climate protection starts with an analysis of the current position. From here, the path leads on to setting goals. Specific measures are then derived from these goals. The possible starting points for implementing these measures are as varied as the companies themselves. They can be found in production, among your employees or in process management. There are proven package solutions for industries such as the printing and graphic arts industry or special offers such as “insetting” and the definition of an internal CO2 price. An optional path leads from the measure implementation stage to CO2 reduction and further onwards to carbon offsetting, performance control, reporting and supporting local climate education activities and transparent communication practices. Focal points can be selected individually, or bundled together in a holistic and integrated approach.

myclimate has visually realised these varied routes and specific measures / offers as a corporate climate protection map. The landscape of this map can be discovered in two ways: either in the form of a linear, guided tour, or independently and interactively via a “free tour”.

The display is hierarchical. The optional activities, along with the resulting added value for the company, are described using text and graphics. Individual measures and offers can be revealed by clicking on the plus sign. A link is then given for a specific myclimate offer, along with the corresponding contact person.

Our offer of climate protection measures isn’t just designed to help CSR and group management keep their bearings. With our ‘discovery landscape’, we wanted to offer an overview and display specific paths in an interactive and visual way. We are thrilled to be accompanying as many firms as possible on the journey to sustainable operation.

Kathrin Dellantonio, Head of Corporate Partnerships at myclimate

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