myclimate Hosting Panel Discussion at Climate Conference in Bonn

The annual UNFCCC spring climate conference was held in Bonn from 8th May until 18th May. myclimate was a registered exhibitor. In addition to its exhibition’s booth, myclimate hosted a panel discussion on the aviation industry and its climate protection agreement CORSIA on Tuesday 16th May.

René Estermann speaking about quality requirements for projects for CORSIA

The official <link https: seors reports external-link external link in current>COP23 side event was titled "Ready for take-off – Eligibility of offsets for international aviation and the Paris Agreement". myclimate organized the event together with the German organization <link http: en index.php external-link external link in current>ClimateNet from Hamburg. The discussion took place on Tuesday, 16th May in the official side event space in the plenary building of the <link http: external-link external link in current>World Conference Center Bonn, WCCB 2.

In 2016, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopted the industry’s climate protection agreement “Carbon Offset and Reduction Scheme of International Aviation”, <link https: environmental-protection pages market-based-measures.aspx external-link external link in current>CORSIA. From 2020 onwards it covers extensive offsetting for the goal of climate-neutral industry growth. The myclimate side event highlighted technical and administrative challenges and the overall potential of CORSIA. A focus was also set on the selection of the specific projects and criteria for eligibility for the fulfilment of the obligations of CORSIA. Pilot measures and capacity building were also discussed.

Expert panel and livecast

<link http: wp-content uploads cv_schafhausen.pdf external-link external link in current>Franzjosef Schafhausen, one of the most distinguished international experts in climate policy acted as the moderator of the discussion. Franzjosef Schafhausen spent many years in the German and EU climate policy. Since 2016, he is also official advisor of myclimate in Germany and in the European Union.

The event started with introductory speeches given by:

  • Urs Ziegler,  <link https: bazl en home the-foca organisation environmental-affairs-section.html external-link external link in current>Federal Office for Civil Aviation in Switzerland on CORSIA, its general principles and timelines for implementation;
  • myclimate Managing Director René Estermann talking about projects for CORSIA and eligibility/quality requirements for those;
  • Axel Michaelowa, <link http: external-link external link in current>Perspectives Climate Group speaking about the role of the CDM for CORSIA and
  • Björn Dransfeld (<link https: external-link external link in current>the greenwerk.) with some thoughts about article 6 and CORSIA.

The following panel discussion included Sofia Zoe Rohner, representative of the Lufthansa Group in the <link http: pages default.aspx external-link external link in current>IATA working group on CORSIA and Marion Verles, CEO of the <link http: external-link external link in current>Gold Standard Foundation who set a focus on the public perception of climate protection projects for compensation.

The CORSIA implementation gives an huge opportunity for international carbon markets. But, it also could help the whole industry with a new and responsible positioning by not considering the emission reductions as commodity but as an sustainable investment in high quality projects. It could result in a powerful contribution of the whole industry towards the post Paris Agreement world." said René Estermann.

Initial speeches and discussion were broadcasted live on the <link https: external-link external link in current>Youtube channel of the COP23. Both are available online as audio content and ready for download in the <link https: stiftung-myclimate panel-discussion-at-sb46-in-bonn-international-aviation-corsia external-link external link in current>myclimate CloudCast.

<link http: cop-23-bonn external-link external link in current>COP23 Bonn

Diplomats, experts from the scientific community as well as representatives of the media, industry and NGOs met from the 8th May at UNFCCC spring conference in Bonn. This conference is traditionally intended to prepare the work for the official COP23 Conference starting in November. The practical implementation of the Paris Agreement, guidelines on transparency in climate protection and the review process of the National Disclosure Commitment (NDCs) were main topics at the preconference in Bonn. Financing of Climate Protection and Adaptation measures occupied also a large area in the official negotiations.

myclimate in Bonn

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