dieci – climate-neutral pizza indulgence

All dieci Pizza couriers became climate neutral in 2021. In addition to planning and implementing effective reduction measures, dieci offsets its unavoidable CO₂ emissions in cooperation with myclimate. Alongside various emission factors such as food, heating and electricity, logistics and other areas, it also takes emissions from deliveries into account. Connoisseurs of Italian cuisine can therefore feast on all the dieci delivery pizzas and other dishes with a clear conscience.

dieci makes great efforts to primarily reduce CO2 emissions with effective measures and then offsets the remaining emissions in a further step. The pizza delivery service already uses its resources responsibly and tries to minimise its CO2 emissions where possible. Among other things, the traditional courier service is focusing on the delivery fleet, the packaging and the raw ingredients for the dieci dishes.

  • Delivery fleet: dieci is upgrading its fleet to electric vehicles where possible and is even using electric scooters and e-cargo bikes in urban areas. This ensures a continuous reduction of transportation emissions.
  • Branch modernisation: The newly planned dieci branch in Bern will be the first to be equipped with its own six charging stations for electric cars in order to further the use of electric delivery vehicles at dieci.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging: dieci sources its packaging material from Switzerland. Its pizza box supplier takes care to make valuable use of resources and uses renewable energies wherever possible. Other packaging containers are also made from environmentally friendly materials. Certain materials are compostable and the company minimises the volume of packaging.
  • Resource-efficient food sourcing: Where possible, the raw ingredients for all dieci dishes come from Switzerland or from selected Italian producers. This means that the delivery routes for transporting the food are also as short as possible.

Delivery service optimised – delivery is responsible for four times less emissions than food

Together with myclimate, dieci has calculated the greenhouse gas balance of its unavoidable emissions. All its activities and consumption were collected and evaluated. The myclimate analysis showed that more than 60% of dieci's total emissions come from the food itself. Transport and packaging are also responsible for emissions, of course, but at 15% and 10% of total emissions respectively, not as much as one might expect. Even heating the pizza ovens has a relatively low impact.

The intensive collaboration with myclimate has ensured that dieci can provide all products such as pizzas, pasta dishes, salads, desserts and even drinks in a climate neutral manner. In addition to many other factors, the emissions caused by deliveries are also included in the offsetting.

Offsetting locally and globally

dieci offsets the unavoidable emissions via two myclimate carbon offset projects. In order to make a global as well as a local impact, dieci has deliberately selected a regional as well as an international project here.

Our business model as a delivery service means we will always generate a certain level of CO2emissions. However, at dieci, we go to great lengths to minimise these wherever possible. We offset the unavoidable emissions with our partner myclimate.

Patrick Bircher – Managing Director dieci

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