Exped – Climate-Neutral Outdoor Products for Sustainable Adventures

The Swiss manufacturer of outdoor equipment Exped has been offsetting its sleeping mats with the foundation myclimate since 2021. Additional product categories are being added all the time. The pioneering company in the outdoor sector hopes to offer all of its products climate neutrally by 2024.

The Zurich-based manufacturer of high-quality outdoor equipment is offsetting all emissions caused by its sleeping mats through myclimate. All climate-impacting emissions are being considered, from the procurement of the raw materials to production, transport and use, as well as the disposal or recycling of the mats. The volume of CO2 equivalents calculated in this way is offset through myclimate’s high-quality climate protection projects.

Exped’s mats have been labelled as “climate neutral” since 2021 and enable climate-friendly outdoor adventures. According to Exped, they are the first climate-friendly outdoor mats on the market. Exped is planning to offset the emissions from additional product categories by 2024. It is aiming to make its entire product range climate neutral. In order to achieve this, the product carbon footprints (PCFs) of its products are being continuously investigated and offset in collaboration with myclimate.


Exped Presses Ahead with its Sustainability Efforts

Ever since Exped was founded in 1983, the subject of sustainability has been part of the company’s philosophy. The durability, reliability and repair capacity of products are just as much a focus as the use of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials.

Through the launch of the first climate-neutral product category, these aspirations are now being backed up with further concrete actions. The outdoor equipment manufacturer wants to set the pace in the textile and outdoor sector and act as an example.

The unavoidable emissions caused by Exped products will be offset via the myclimate carbon offset project “Protection of Tanzanian Forests for Indigenous Peoples, Wildlife and the Climate”. This project is reducing deforestation in Tanzanian forests. As well as offering ecological benefits, this helps to safeguard habitat connectivity for various wild animals as well as higher economic security for indigenous populations in the region.


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