Papyrus – Performance Management and Climate-neutral Transports

Papyrus was the first company to complete the myclimate Performance Programme for transport companies. Since 2010, all of its transportation has been climate-neutral. As a result of working with myclimate, optimisation of its processes meant that in 2010 Papyrus consumed 38 percent less natural gas and 8 percent less electricity compared to its base year. In the area of truck transportation also, the myclimate transport solution has yielded impressive figures for Papyrus. The Papyrus fleet transported approximately 28 percent more goods in 2010 although the distance driven dropped by about 17 percent. Following the motto «Do your best and compensate for the rest», the company compensates for remaining unavoidable emissions in a myclimate climate protection project.

Back in 2009, Papyrus implemented a pilot project for the transport and logistics industries along with myclimate and Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University. The goal of the project was to further reduce the CO₂ emissions produced by the logistics area. The carbon footprints calculated every year since then show that the company has taken the right path.

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