Vergani – a wine trader with a pioneering spirit

Vergani is the first climate-neutral wine trader in Switzerland. The environmentally conscious business has been trading in wines, grappas and olive oils since 1892. By achieving climate neutrality for all its business operations, this longstanding family-run company proves that sustainable business is a matter close to its heart.

The trade in natural products means this traditional company is directly affected by climate change, and taking responsibility over generations is part of the corporate culture at Vergani. Through its partnership with myclimate, Switzerland’s leading direct importer of Italian wines is staying true to this guiding principle, whereby the focus is on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in operational business. Residual emissions will be offset retroactively through myclimate to 1 January 2021, making Vergani the first climate-neutral wine trader in Switzerland.

Climate-neutral product through to delivery

myclimate works on Vergani’s behalf to analyse not only the operational greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1 and 2) it creates, but also those of its value-creation and supply chain (scope 3). In other words, all the way from the selection of wine producers and the design of the range, to operation of the sales outlet in Zurich, right through to ordering and delivery to customers.

The family-run company nevertheless focuses clearly on the internal measures for reduction within the company – and a great deal has already been achieved here. The wine trader’s new Swiss warehouse in Stallikon has been equipped with solar panels to cover the required energy demand, and wherever possible Vergani avoids plastic and saves resources. Not only its paper bags but also its delivery boxes are made of recycled materials. For goods transportation, the company makes use of Swiss rail transport – and since 2020 Vergani has significantly expanded the range of organic and Demeter-certified wines with its “Vergani Linea Verde” line. Although the latter measure actually has no direct influence on climate protection, it is nevertheless symbolic of a conscientious approach to natural resources. The voluntary offsetting of residual emissions by this longstanding wine trader flows into myclimate’s carbon offset project portfolio and thus supports a range of high quality carbon offset projects.

Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s tradition. This is the motto by which our family has lived for five generations.

Flavia, Luca and Gianni Vergani, the fifth generation to manage the family firm

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