Electricity from FSC Wood Waste in the Amazon

Project type: Biomass

Project location: Itacoatiara, Brazil

Project status: In operation, no credits available

Annual CO₂ reduction: 47,029 t

In the Brazilian Amazonas region, myclimate supports the switch from diesel to climate-friendly FSC woodchips for the production of electricity.

This small-scale project is the first worldwide that generates emission reduction certificates on the basis of sustainably harvested biomass from FSC- (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forestry. The woodchip power plant with 9 MW of electrical output is located in the sawmill of the Precious Woods company in Itacoatiara, a small town in the Brazilian Amazon.

The project saves 10-15 million liters of Diesel fuel per year.

The project replaces several diesel generators and helps to supply the approximately 80,000 inhabitants of the city with climate-friendlier power. Thanks to the power plant, the local population benefits from lower energy prices and a more stable energy supply (less failures and transport losses). The plant produces annually up to 45,000 mWh of electricity, for which otherwise around 10-15 million litres of diesel would be consumed. The waste heat generated during this process is used for the wood drying plants.

Sustainable forestry is more than taking care about trees. It is important for the whole ecosystem rainforest as it guarantees the protection of the great biodiversity.

João Cruz Rodriguez, Director Forestry Precious Woods

For the production of the electricity, around 100,000 tonnes of wood are required annually. These are delivered in the form of wood waste and sawdust from the sawmill. All this wood waste comes from sustainable forestry in accordance with FSC guidelines. Prior to start-up of the plant, this wood waste was rotting in large piles on the property. Through the sustainable use of the waste, a reduction of the greenhouse gas methane was therefore also possible. The total reduction amounts to about 48,000 tonnes of CO₂ equivalents annually.

Madalena enjoys very much her job for it’s very organized and tidy. Maria points out that she has a good stability for her and her family as the salary never comes late. 

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This project contributes to 5 SDGs (as end of 2022):

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The following SDGs are verified by the Gold Standard:

635GWh renewable energy produced.

167 jobs created.

1,421,082 tonnes of organic waste processed and avoided from anaerobic decay.

189 million litres of diesel saved

100% of renewable biomass residues is used to generate electricity.

Situation without project

Diesel generators and wood stock piles

Project standard

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