Distribution of discounted Water-saving Shower Heads throughout Switzerland

Project type: Energy Efficiency , Water (Purification & Saving)

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: In progress, exclusive

Annual emission reduction of the whole project: 12,000 t

Efficient hot water consumption as part of the “Hot water conservation Switzerland” (“Warmwassersparen Schweiz”) climate protection programme has reduced harmful CO₂ emissions while lowering energy and water costs.

In Switzerland, 15 per cent of the energy in an average household is used for hot water consumption. This makes hot water the second-largest energy consumer in households after heating systems. A simple and effective way to save water, energy and costs is to use water-saving shower heads. For households with water heating systems that use fossil fuels (heating oil or natural gas), this can also reduce Carbon emissions considerably. Despite the high savings potential, water-saving shower heads are not yet widely used due to fears about lower comfort and technical problems.  

The aim of the support programme is to promote the use of water-saving shower heads in private households in Switzerland by offering them at reduced prices. This means that less hot water is used for showering, which lowers CO₂ emissions. The climate action scheme is being implemented in collaboration with our partner sinum AG and is made possible thanks to funding by the KliK Foundation

The scheme is aimed directly at private households, but public administrations, energy supply companies, housing cooperatives and companies can also make their residents or employees aware of the discounted water-saving shower heads via flyers and text templates.  

How does a water-saving shower head work? 

The efficient shower heads reduce water consumption by 30 to 50 percent. The average flow rate is reduced on average from 13 litres per minute to seven litres per minute. The comfort level remains the same, as the weaker shower stream is enriched with air. 

*Saving potential 

The cost of purchasing a water-saving shower head at a reduced price of CHF 10 or CHF 24 (instead of CHF 37.70) is far less than the annual savings. According to calculations by myclimate and figures from energieschweiz (link), a four-person household could save the following on average per year by installing an efficient shower head in their shower: 

  • CHF 95 in energy costs 
  • 400 kWh of energy 
  • 40 litres of heating oil 
  • 13,000 litres of hot water (37°C) on showers 
  • 0.1 tonnes of CO₂  

Take part in the programme! 

Private households can order a discounted water-saving shower head (here). 

Companies, councils and other organisations can sign up (here) for a customer and employee scheme. 

How is the programme being funded? 

This climate action scheme is made possible by funding from the KliK Foundation. Find out how the funding mechanism for mandatory contributions to climate protection works on our information page



Any questions? Feel free to send us an email or give us a call (+41 44 500 43 50). 


This project contributes to 3 SDGs*

*as at the end of 2023. Find out how myclimate reports these SDGs in our FAQ.


The following SDGs are verified by the Gold Standard:

The programme saves 623 million litres of water per year.

The economical shower head saves 30-50% of water compared to conventional shower heads.

The programme will save 12,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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