Migros Support Programme: Renewable heat instead of oil and gas

Project type: Biomass , Solar , Energy Efficiency

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: In operation, exclusive

Annual CO₂ reduction: 183 t

The M-climate fund supports members of the Migros-Group with a financial contribution if they replace their old oil or natural gas heating with a renewable heat generation system. With a total of 1.5 Mio. Swiss francs, the subsidy programme is available to the Migros-Group in all areas such as sales outlets, operations centres, leisure facilities, club schools and others.

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In Switzerland, heat generation for heating and hot water using fossil fuels such as heating oil or natural gas is still widespread. Many properties owned by the members of the Migros-Group also continue to burn fossil fuels. The reason property owners often decide against a renewable heating solution is probably the comparatively higher investment costs. In addition, the conversion usually requires more extensive modifications in the boiler room than a 1:1 replacement. However, large quantities of climate-damaging CO2 are emitted during the firing of fossil fuels. The M climate fund therefore supports the switch from fossil-fuel-based to renewable heat generation in Migros properties with financial incentives.

From a technical, economic and ecological point of view, various technologies can be considered for the conversion to renewable heat production. Heat pumps use environmental heat to raise it to the necessary level for heating by means of electricity. District heating is relayed via a heating network from the production site to the heat consumer. It makes particular sense to extract unused waste heat, for example from refrigeration plants or waste incineration plants. Automatic wood-burning systems use climate-neutral fuels such as wood chips or pellets and allow an essentially continuous heat production. Thermal solar collectors convert the sun's rays into warm water or warm air.

Climate change is now being felt by everyone. In order to curb these rising temperatures, we need to get away from heating oil and natural gas as well as petrol and diesel. The Migros Cooperatives receive support from this subsidy programme to expedite the conversion of their heating systems to renewable heat sources or district heating.

Roland Steiner, Project Manager Energy Efficiency & Climate Protection, Migros Cooperative Association


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The programme is open to all members of the Migros Group which are paying into the M-climate fund “Topf 2 Lenkung” and fulfilling the eligibility criteria in the application form. Interested parties can register their projects via the application form and thus apply for a subsidy to replace a fossil-fuel-based system with a renewable heat generation one.

New projects can be included in the funding programme until the end of 2024. The one-off subsidy is paid after the heat generation system has been commissioned and is calculated on the basis of the expected reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The subsidy amounts to CHF 60 per t CO₂ which is expected to be saved over 15 years or over the duration of the lease (max. 15 a). Further information on the process flow and funding conditions can be found in the directions.


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