Controlling holiday home heating via app

Project type: Energy Efficiency

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: Completed, credits available

Annual CO₂ reduction: 100 t

This funding programme supported the installation of remote heating controls with 300 francs. This enables heating in holiday homes to be controlled via app, heating costs to be reduced and, in particular, unnecessary CO2 emissions to be saved.

There are around 420,000 second homes in Switzerland. On average, they stand empty for 300 days a year. Many holiday homes and flats are located in mountain regions with long heating periods and have oil or gas heating. According to a study by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the room temperature in second homes is only reduced by a few degrees when the owner is absent, although it would be possible to reduce it to the frost protection temperature in holiday homes or up to 12 degrees in holiday flats. Heating vacant properties leads to unnecessary heating costs and CO2 emissions.

Save energy for the climate and heating costs for your wallet!

Thanks to a remote heating control, the heating in the holiday home or flat can be controlled via smartphone and app (also possible via SMS or Internet). This means that the room temperature can be conveniently lowered at any time when you are away and raised to the desired temperature again before the start of your holiday. Remote control of the heating quickly saves heating costs without sacrificing comfort.

A remote control, the so-called TeleButler®, can be easily installed by a local plumber and connected to the existing heating system. The simplest version of the TeleButler®, including installation and myclimate discount, is available for as little as CHF 650. Depending on the equipment of the holiday home and the wishes of the owner, further solutions cost from 1590 Swiss francs. The only additional cost is the subscription fee of 60 Swiss francs per year. Depending on the occupancy and setback temperature in a holiday home, a remote control can reduce annual energy costs by up to 50 percent. That's an average of up to 400 francs per year. myclimate subsidised the installation of the remote heating control with 300 francs.

The funding programme has ended and registration is no longer possible.


This project contributes to 2 SDGs (as of end 2021):

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These SDGs have been approved by myclimate:

Increasing energy efficiency in buildings, thanks to a reduction in energy consumption.

45 t CO2 are saved in 2021.

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Unnecessarily heated holiday homes using fossil fuels

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