eCargo trikes for urban transport in Switzerland

Project type: Energy Efficiency

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: Completed, credits available

Annual emission reduction of the whole project: 500 t CO2e (over ten years)

The myclimate climate protection programme supports businesses that want to start using electric cargo trikes and bikes to transport goods. The goal is to stop the use of fossil fuel-run vans for transporting goods in city centres and to replace these with electricity-powered cargo bikes.

The myclimate programme supports the increased application of eCargo bikes for the transporting of goods in inner-city traffic, thereby reducing exhaust fume emissions and noise pollution as well as improving air quality and road space. This helps to reduce CO₂ and other polluting emissions and eases road traffic. As part of the myclimate programme, owners of eCargo bikes benefit from an annual payment from the sale of CO₂ certificates, which can be used to cover some of the purchase cost. This project enables the constant expansion of the bike fleet and guarantees the success of the sustainable traffic concept in the long term. 

The eCargo bikes are purchased and operated by the participating companies. As well as contributing to vital emission reductions, programme participants also play a leading role in carrying through innovative city logistics concepts. Such concepts are absolutely essential to ensure a high standard of living in cities now and in the future. 

The funding programme has ended and registration is no longer possible. 


Foundation myclimate
Barbara Müller, Project Manager, Tel. +41 44 578 88 50, Email


This project contributes to 2 SDGs*

*as at the end of 2023. Find out how myclimate reports these SDGs in our FAQ.

These SDGs have been approved by myclimate:

In 2021, 12,200 L of diesel were saved.

39 t CO2 are saved in 2021.

Situation without project

Use of diesel or petrol-run vans


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