Applying weather forecasts to heat housing efficiently in Switzerland

Project type: Energy Efficiency

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: Completed, no credits available

Annual CO₂ reduction: 500 t (over 10 years)

Do you own property? Would you be interested in lowering your energy bills? By installing Egain Edge, you can significantly reduce the cost of heating your property through the inclusion of weather forecasts. myclimate will support you financially in this project.

Most heating systems today are controlled using heating curves and basic outdoor temperature sensors. The heating system responds to current temperature levels only, without factoring in future weather developments. The problem with this is that larger properties in particular are slow to respond to fluctuations in outdoor temperatures, which can lead to room temperatures being too high. The faster the heating system is able to respond to weather changes, the more efficient it is able to heat, ensuring optimal room temperature control.


Optimised energy consumption and happy tenants

Egain Edge offers you as property owner a simple solution for ensuring efficient and climate-adapted heating in residential buildings. The system applies weather forecasts to regulate the temperature. This project requires very little technical expertise: The outdoor temperature sensor is simply replaced by an Egain receiver. The heating system is connected to the mobile network, allowing it to receive hourly weather updates and forecasts. The heating system can therefore adapt to changes in temperature before they occur. This results in lower energy bills and optimised room temperatures for your tenants.

What's more, Egain includes a climate data logger, which constantly records the temperature and humidity settings. Every apartment has its own radio sensor. The data stored in the logger is used to quickly identify and appropriately manage problems such as windows that are left open, thermal bridges, or raised temperatures.


Up to 30% discount – take advantage of our subsidy!

The myclimate support programme covers up to 30% of the initial cost of purchasing the Egain heating control system. The sales price is based on the living space of the property in question. Egain will gladly give you a non-binding offer (contact details below). Only residential properties with oil or gas heating are entitled to financial support.


Reliable system – straightforward installation

Egain Edge is the world's leading forecast-based solution for heat regulation in buildings. The technology is now used in more than 250,000 apartments.

The system is operational within two weeks, doesn't require any renovation work, and is fully compatible with your facilities. It can be installed at any time, irrespective of any other energy efficiency measures.



At the moment we do not accept any new applications. The program is under revision. Further information will soon be available here.

myclimate foundation, tel. +41 44 500 43 50, E-Mail


The benefits of eGain Edge™:

  • Lower the energy consumption in your property by as much as 15 %.
  • Your tenants pay 10-15 % less for their heating costs and have an optimised room temperature.
  • You can access all of the system's data via the internet or on your smartphone.
  • Easily identify and tackle any efficiency losses.
  • You have an efficient and climate-based heating control system.


This project contributes to 2 SDGs (as of end 2021):

Find out how myclimate reports these SDGs in our FAQ.

Increasing energy efficiency in buildings, thanks to a 10% reduction in energy consumption.

500 t CO2 are saved annually.

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Conventional fossil fuel heating

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