Migros Support Programme: Trucks Using Alternative Fuel

Project type: Energy Efficiency

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: In operation, exclusive

Annual CO₂ reduction: 800 t

The support programme helps Migros cooperatives to use trucks with alternative fuels. The replacement of conventional diesel trucks used in goods transport with lorries propelled by electricity, hydrogen or Swiss biogas conserves fossil fuels, thereby reducing CO₂ emissions.

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Migros operates one of the largest truck fleets in Switzerland. Most urban and middle-distance goods transport uses diesel trucks. Climate-friendly goods transport forms a central component of the Migros 2020 Climate and Energy Strategy. To meet CO₂ reduction targets, Migros works continuously to increase the proportion of rail transport it uses and to reduce emissions from its truck fleet.  


With the Mercedes-Benz eActros, we will supply our supermarket branches in Zurich locally climate-friendly – an important milestone in the spirit of our corporate philosophy, characterised by a sense of economic, social and ecological responsibility.

Marco Grob, Head of Transport Logistics, Migros Cooperative, Zurich


Especially for lorries, alternative fuel technologies have yet to be implemented. The reasons for this are high investment costs and a lack of practical experience. Thanks to the subsidy from the M-climate fund, Migros cooperatives receive a financial incentive to invest in the transition to alternative trucks. The aim of the programme is to promote environmentally friendly and innovative truck engines in Switzerland, to gather experience in the use of such trucks in practice and to reduce CO₂ emissions.


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The programme is open to all Migros cooperatives fulfilling the registration form admission criteria. Cooperatives which are interested can apply by registration form for a subsidy to purchase one or more alternative fuel lorries. Participants with trucks admitted to the programme up to the year 2024 are eligible for support. The amount of the subsidies as well as further information on the process can be found in the directions.


Alternative engines and renewable fuels

Through the use of climate-friendly engines, Migros is making a valuable contribution to the decarbonisation of goods transport in Switzerland. The climate protection programme exclusively promotes trucks with alternative engines which run on electricity, hydrogen or domestic biogas from renewable sources. On request, further alternative engines can be examined for admission to the programme.



Barbara Müller, Project Leader Migros Subsidy Programme, +41 (0)44 578 88 50, Email

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