Migros Support Programme: E-company cars for a clean future

Project type: Energy Efficiency

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: In operation, exclusive

Annual CO₂ reduction: 151 t

The M-climate fund supports Migros Cooperatives, companies of the M-Industry and contributor to the M Climate Fund by subsidising the purchase of fully electric company cars and light commercial vehicles, with a sum of CHF 3,000 per vehicle. With a total fund of one million Swiss francs, the subsidy programme promotes the conversion of more than 300 petrol or diesel-powered to electrically powered vehicles.

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Although alternative drive technologies have been available on the market for some time, the electrification of the vehicle fleet in Switzerland is still only progressing slowly. Even in the Migros, the pool and company vehicles are still largely powered by conventional combustion engines. The use of fossil fuels such as petrol or diesel causes greenhouse gas emissions and damages the environment.

Above all, the higher investment costs and the inadequate charging infrastructure explain why electric vehicles have not yet gained acceptance. With a contribution from the M-climate Fund, a financial incentive is created to switch to electric vehicles on the condition that 100% renewable electricity is used. This not only reduces CO₂ emissions and road noise, but also saves energy costs every year - because electricity costs less than petrol or diesel. 


Since the launch of the Tesla, electric cars have become socially acceptable. There are now numerous reliable fully electric car models on the market that are well suited for use at Migros. Switzerland does not yet have a subsidy programme for electric cars. We are therefore closing this gap for the Migros Cooperatives with this support programme.

Andreas Moser, Project Manager Energy Efficiency & Climate Protection, Migros Cooperative Association


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The programme is open to all Migros Cooperatives, companies of the M-​Industry and contributors of the M Climate Fund fulfilling the eligibility criteria in the application form. Interested parties can register their projects via the application form and thus apply for a subsidy for the purchase of one or more electric vehicles (cars and light commercial vehicles). 

New projects can be included in the funding programme until mid-​2023. Each purchase of an electric vehicle is supported by a one-​off contribution of 3,000 Swiss francs. Further information on the process flow and funding conditions can be found in the directions.

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