Wind Power Replaces Coal-Fired Electricity

Project type: Wind

Project location: Çanakkale Province, Turkey

Project status: In operation, no credits available

Annual emission reduction of the whole project: 33,532 t

The Burgaz Wind Farm Project is located in the Cevizli village (Gallipoli District) and started operation in 2007, supplying clean electricity to the Turkish national grid. The onshore wind farm consists of 18 turbines, manufactured by Enercon, totalling 14.9 MW. In addition, a high voltage transmission line was implemented to connect the project area with the national grid.

An estimated 52 GWh/year will be produced by the project activity and delivered to the national grid. Consequently, the project contributes to the development of the Turkish wind sector, which is essential in meeting the growing energy demand in Turkey and in reducing foreign fossil fuel imports. The annual emission reductions pertaining to the project activity are estimated to be around 33,532t CO₂ per year.

The yearly energy consumption of 23,270 Swiss households could have been covered with the total energy production of the windfarm since the project has started. (January 2013)

Making a contribution to the sustainable development to the surrounding communities, the wind farm created local employment, financed the renovation of public space such as the village mosque and implemented new local sanitary facilities. Furthermore, an education center has been built that stipulates knowledge transfer activities around the operation and functioning of the wind farm to the local community.

Situation without project

National fuel mix

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