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Funding for Heat Pumps and Pellet Heating in Switzerland

In addition to buildings programme funded by the government and cantons, myclimate also offers various funding programmes to facilitate the replacement of fossil heating in Switzerland. In some cases, the subsidies from myclimate are higher and in some cases, heating systems can be subsidized that are otherwise not covered by the canton. Use our interactive funding calculator now!

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(You might also want to check if governmental subsidies are present at your cantonal energy office.)

- Only for replacement of an existing oil or gas heating system (no new buildings)
- Only for rented residential properties

Further procedure:
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*Please note:
Objects in the following cantons are excluded from myclimate funding: BS, GE, GL, NE, ZH

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Key criteria to receive subsidies for the replacement of your heating system

For all funding programmes, the following criteria at a minimum must be met (additional criteria are listed in the corresponding application form) in order for you to be eligible for the subsidy: 

  • Replacement of existing oil or gas heating system (new buildings not eligible).
  • No double funding: no additional private financial assistance, or funding from the federal, cantonal or municipal government may be applied for.
  • The contract must not already have been awarded to an installation or planning company.
  • At the property location, there are no regulations at federal, cantonal or communal level that exclude replacement with a fossil heating system or require a renewable heating system. Accordingly, properties in the following cantons are excluded from funding: BS, GE, GL, NE, ZH

Registration: How to apply for subsidies for heat pumps and pellet heating systems

  1. Use our funding calculator, to calculate the amount of funding you could be eligible for (non-binding).  
  2. Register with the corresponding application form before the contract has been awarded (please include fuel receipts for the last three years). 
  3. myclimate will send the funding agreement to the building owner or owners (or the building administration, if they represent the building owner). 
  4. The building owner awards the contract to the installation company and permits the installation of the heat pump and/or pellet heating system. 
  5. You should then submit the commissioning report (WPSM certificate if applicable) to myclimate and you will receive the funding contribution, provided that all criteria for participation in the programme have been met. 

Support programmes

Click here to access application form for funding a pellet heating system

Fully automatic pellet heaters only (no wood chip or log heaters).

If you have any further questions, please contact us via email at pellets@myclimate.org or by phone on 044 500 43 50. 

Click here to access application form for funding a large heat pump

For rented residential properties only.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via email at mfh@myclimate.org or by phone on 044 500 43 50.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much funding could I receive?

The funding roughly amounts to between 10 and 30 per cent of the investment costs for heating renovations. myclimate funding contributions are generally higher than those of the respective cantonal or municipal subsidy programme. The amount of funding for all three support programmes will be calculated by myclimate using the previous annual energy consumption and amounts to 18 cents per kilowatt hour. This corresponds to around 360 francs per kilowatt of installed capacity, providing that a heating system with an appropriate output capacity has been chosen. The funding calculator above first provides a non-binding estimate of the funding contribution. 

Where can financial support be obtained?

In addition to the support programmes offered by Foundation myclimate listed on this page, in Switzerland there is also the cantonal support programme (buildings programme). Additional support programmes can be found at energiefranken.ch  

How does the myclimate support programme differ when compared with the others?

Comparison with municipal or cantonal support programmes (buildings programme) is not simple when it comes down to details, as the support landscape is very diverse and dynamic. myclimate support programmes are able to award higher funding contributions in many cases and generally involve less administration. With this in mind, we recommend that  after using our calculator above you make a comparison using the information available at energiefranken.ch

What is the funding intended for?

Foundation myclimate offers attractive funding contributions for the replacement of fossil heating systems (oil heating, gas heating) with a heat pump or pellet heating system. New buildings, heating networks and bivalent systems are currently not eligible for the programmes listed here.  

Which heating systems are eligible for funding?

  • Air-to-water heat pumps
  • Ground-source-to-water heat pumps
  • Water-to-water heat pumps
  • Pellet heating (no wood-chip heating systems, no log burners)

What factors should be considered when conducting sustainable renovations?

While the following points are not participation criteria for our support programmes, we nevertheless strongly suggest that they be taken into consideration: 

Natural refrigerants for heat pumps:
So-called natural refrigerants are a new trend as they have little to no greenhouse gas potential if they happen to escape. These include carbon dioxide (R744, CO₂), hydrocarbons (propane R290, isobutane R600a) and ammonia (R717, NH₃). A list with efficient heat pumps and their refrigerants can be found under topten.ch. You often have to explicitly ask the company whether the device or system is offered with a natural refrigerant. 

Renovation of the building envelope:
In the context of a heating system renovation, a prior or simultaneous renovation of the building envelope is recommended. In this way, the new heating system can be dimensioned smaller and the running costs can be further reduced. Install replacement nesting boxes in the façade if animals have previously nested in cracks or in the attic.


These heating replacement programs can be implemented thanks to contributions from the Foundation for Climate Protection and Carbon Offset KliK and other partners. Go to our Info page to learn how the funding mechanism works for mandatory carbon offsetting.

Additional Support Programmes

In addition to the support programmes for replacing heating systems, myclimate has additional programmes covering various areas. Apply as a private individual or a business and receive financial support in the form of a subsidy for your contribution to climate protection! 


Additional Support Programmes 

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