International Climate Protection Projects

The international carbon offset projects that myclimate develops and supports are located in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The projects meet the highest standards. In the energy segment, they are assessed by Gold Standard and in the land use segment by Plan Vivo or Verra VCS (incl. CBB and/or SD-VISta). All projects contribute not only to carbon reduction but also to the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs).


International projects not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also promote social, ecological and economic development in the region (sustainable development goals (SDGs)). For example, the local population benefits from a higher quality of life or health, the creation of jobs, empowerment as well as the transfer of knowledge and technologies. The carbon protection projects also carry out reforestation and forest conservation initiatives that reduce the pressure on natural habitats and species diversity.

projects from myclimate cover current a total of eleven different technologies for climate protection: waste management, biogas, biomass, efficient stoves, energy efficiency, solar, compost, land usage, forests, water (cleaning and saving) and water power. myclimate works with selected local project partners, thereby strengthening local initiatives.

myclimate has had experience in project development as well as monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV), and the use of different international standards, since 2002 and is happy to provide advice on which climate protection project might be suitable for which company. myclimate has developed and supported projects in over 45 countries to date and currently has active projects running in around 25 countries, from Landscape restoration in Ethiopia, water preparation in Uganda and climate-friendly rice cultivation in India to composting facilities in Nepal.

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