Registration for remote heating control

In holiday homes in Switzerland

Criterias of Participation

  • The property has an oil or natural gas heating unit.
  • The property is not let out all the time throughout the winter season. In the last two years, the property was unoccupied for at least 30 days, on average, between 1 October and 30 April.
  • You are willing to reduce the room temperature as far as possible when the home is unoccupied.
  • The property does not have a remote control system already installed.
  • The property was built before 2010.
  • The property is a residential one (not used commercially).
  • You have no plans to renovate the heating system.
  • You are not participating in any other carbon compensation programmes involving re-mote heating control.
  • You are not receiving any other subsidies for remote heating control.
  • You transfer all rights for emission reductions to myclimate.
  • You supply myclimate if needed with the installation data and details of annual heating oil or gas consumption.

Would you like to apply for the programme? Please write an email to our project manager Mélanie Siegrist and she'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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