Support climate protection projects and make use of the myclimate Impact Label for yourself!

The myclimate Label «Engaged for Impact» shows that a company funds climate protection measures beyond value chain mitigation. This voluntary support for effective climate protection projects is, in addition to ambitious and meaningful efforts to reduce your own emissions, a recommended step on the way to net zero.

With the myclimate emissions calculator for companies, you can calculate your emissions quickly and easily. To do so, enter all relevant CO2 emissions of your company or organisation in the past financial year (excluding processed materials and distribution). myclimate automatically compares your data with reference companies, marks deviations from the norm and supports you in completing your data submission. Immediately after your data has been verified and the payment of your licence fee, you will receive your label.

Learn more about the myclimate label guidelines.


Use of the myclimate Impact Label

Using the tracking number or the QR code on your label, your customers and business partners can trace your CO2 emissions and find out about the climate protection projects you support. Convey your commitment to climate protection transparently and use the label «Engaged for Impact» for your corporate communications or marketing purposes.


Learn more about the correct use of the myclimate impact label in the myclimate Corporate Design Manual.



myclimate Label «Engaged for Impact» awarded to operations

What is the myclimate impact label?

If we are to achieve the Paris climate goals, then the private sector is more important than ever. The myclimate label “Engaged for Impact” (impact label for short) denotes companies that proactively and voluntarily commit to climate protection by financing climate protection measures. In addition to reducing their own emissions, this is an important component of a climate strategy towards net zero, and it also enables a company to gain experience in pricing in the costs of remaining CO₂ emissions.

FAQ: What is the myclimate impact label?

How much does the label cost?

We charge a licence fee of CHF 500 plus VAT per year for the creation and use of the label. These costs are added to the climate protection contribution that is paid towards myclimate projects.

For how long is the myclimate Impact Label valid?

The myclimate Impact Label is created on the basis of the stated financial year and issued for the current year. The label is valid until 31 March of the following year.


What data are required?

It is mandatory that the following categories are included in the carbon footprint so that a corresponding financing of myclimate projects justifies an award of the myclimate Label «Engaged for Impact»:

  • Energy and fuel consumption including upstream emissions
  • Business travel and accommodation
  • Catering for employees (meals and drinks) in the company's own cafeteria/canteen 
  • IT and printed matter
  • Disposal and recycling of operational waste
  • Water consumption

The inclusion of employee commuting in the carbon footprint is recommended. For further help, we have put together a data entry guide for you. Download it here.



Can I acquire the myclimate Label «Engaged for Impact» for previous years, too?

No, sadly that is not possible! The label can only be earned for the most recent financial year.

How is the financial year defined?

A financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December (the same as a calendar year).


How are operations defined?

This refers to the annual direct and indirect climate-impacting emissions from the operation of an organisation. The main difference to the label for companies is the omission of directly product-related emissions from the materials as well as packaging, delivery, use and disposal of the products.

Please contact us directly if you would like to calculate the emissions of your inventory as well as the emissions of the products you manufacture (materials as well as packaging, distribution, use and disposal of the products) and support a myclimate climate protection project on this basis.

Can I use my label / tracking number the following year? 

The label and the tracking number are always only valid for one year. A new label with tracking number is produced for each financial year with the corresponding myclimate Label «Engaged for Impact».

Can I access my data at any time?

We recommend that you set up your own profile and ensure that you are logged in when you enter your data. This way, you will be able to access your data at any time and have it automatically imported, updated and verified in subsequent years. You can also enter the data as a guest.


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