Solutions for the hotel industry

Travel and overnight stays inevitably result in a high quantity of CO₂ emissions. The hotel and tourism industry is therefore responsible for a not inconsiderable quantity of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. At the same time, these two industries are also particularly affected by climate change and its consequences. Moreover, the environmental awareness of the guests has developed increasingly in recent years, as documented in current studies.

myclimate for the hotel industry

You can quickly and easily calculate the carbon footprint of your hotel using myclimate's IT-based performance management system. You receive a confirmation that shows you the quantity of CO₂ emissions produced in total as well as per individual overnight stay.

The emissions in the following categories are considered for the calculation:

  • Energy, heat, cold, water
  • Laundry (external)
  • Mobility
  • Catering (food and beverages)
  • Administration
  • Waste and recycling


Because the climate-relevant event data is recorded separately when it is input, there is an option in the calculation to select an overnight stay, an event, or all of the hotel emissions. For communication purposes, there is also an appropriate label for hotel, event, overnight stay or gastronomy. As a rule, the corresponding climate protection contributions per person and night amount to less than one per cent of the accommodation price.

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